Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chocolate Factory/ Hollywood Connection

June 9, 2014
I had read that there was a chocolate factory downtown you could tour for a dollar a piece. I thought it would be a fun activity to do with the kids and they were totally for it. It ended up being way North Salt Lake so it took us awhile to get there. Since we were by Hollywood Connection and could use are pass of all passes we went there too. 

The Mrs. Cavanaughs chocolate tour was pretty basic. We watched a movie, got to have some chocolate, watched a lady do the had dipped chocolates, and watched one of the convener belts through the windows. Afterwards the kids each got to pick a dollar treat. They kids thought it was fun, but I was a little disappointed in having to pay a dollar for each of us for what we did and got. Glad the kids had a good time. 

Hollywood connection was disappointing because they charge you two dollars, but give you that amount in tokens. We thought that with our pass of all passes it was free. The kids were so excited to go on the rides, though we paid for it since we only had to pay for Dave, Lily, and Kylie. They had a lot of fun going on the rides and getting out some energy. With the tokens we played some games and got enough tickets to get them each a little prize. All and all another fun family outing! 

Me and Oakley hanging out together watching the kids go on the rides. She loved saying hi to them every time they can around and people thought she was super cute with how excited she was to see her sisters and dad. 

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