Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween Night

October 31, 2013
The kids had a blast going trick or treating. The cousins came up to go with them and Mike and Dave took them around. This year Lily wanted to take her pillowcase so thats what all the girls did. We usually get a picture of all the kids together in there costumes, but somehow that got skipped over this year :( Kylie is definitely my litter girl. The first thing she did after she walked in was ask, "mom can I sort my candy." So she headed in there are did it. 

This was the kids take- they each ended up with two full gallon size bags of candy each!

By the way since we didn't get pictures of the kids in there costumes here is what they were: Lily was Mavis, Kylie was a dancer/show girl, Paisley was a witch, and Oakley was a U of U cheerleader. Hope everyone had a good Halloween! 

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RETA said...

WOW! They collected a lot! That's a whole lot of treats!