Tuesday, July 16, 2013


May 25, 2013
A about a month before this Dave and I were cleaning out the garage with the radio on and heard a commercial about winning zoo tickets by making animal sounds. I think Dave has a great elephant sound and told him he should try to win us tickets because I had been dyeing to go to the zoo to see the polar bear, but with our size family the cost was too much. The next week Dave came home to inform me that he won us tickets! How great it that! He wins free stuff on the radio all the time and I was so so excited to take the kids to the zoo. We hadn't been since we moved to the house and didn't have a membership anymore. We packed a picnic lunch and headed to the zoo.

They have cool lego displays up right now

We had to attend the bird show. It was so cool and the girls loved it! 

 Lego monkeys, this was my favorite 

 Lego Polar Bear 

 The sea otters 

 And finally the polar bear. There hasn't been one at the zoo since I was a kid! It was so cool to see again. 

There have been so many changes to the zoo its not even close to the one I remember as a kid. They are also in the middle of more construction adding more things and have gotten rid of the train or are planning on updating it. Looks like we will have to go again in the future to see the other new changes, but the ones we saw where pretty cool. Glad we could have a fun day with the kids. 

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