Monday, July 15, 2013

Cave Stock

May 24, 2013
Every year at Daves school they do a thing called Cave Stock. They have a bounce house, balloon animals, hot dogs, face painting, bands, free popcorn, cotton candy, and candy. Oh and they also had a dunking booth. Dave signed up to be in the dunking booth and I had planned on staying at home with the kids, but apparently the kids were welcome so we drove over and enjoyed a fun filled evening. I for some reason forgot to get a picture of Dave in the dunking booth, but the students loved it and Lily even dunked her dad a few times! 

 Lily wanted a gymnast on her face and refused to budge despite my attempts. I was really impressed with the girl that did it and thought it turned out great! 

At the end of Cave stock they did a chalk fight. Dave was in the middle helping open the bags when all the student turned on him and covered him with chalk. This is how he came home.  

I had headed home with the two little ones because they were tired and Lily and Kylie had stayed with Dad. Two girls showed up late to the chalk fight, but had paid so Dave let them have there own personal fight with a few bags. Lily wanted in and so they let her do it too. 

It was a really fun night and we cant wait to go again next year! 

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