Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lily Kindergarten Program

May 21, 2013
My little Lily is done with Kindergarten!!! Seems like the year just began and yet its already over! For her end of the year program they had each kid recite a poem by themselves that they had memorized. Lily picked the Cat and the Fiddle. The night before she even found props to help her. I had to change a few out as they were to big to take, but I thought it was cute that she did it all on her own. The video is below. I missed the first line of the poem because she started so quickly, but it still was pretty good. 

The kids also sang songs and signed a little song. Lily was one of a few doing the actions. She got so into it and I loved it! 

 At the end her teacher Miss Lindberg gave each of the kids a certificate with the letter of the alphabet of something that reminded her of them. Lily received J for Joyful. I thought it was very fighting for Lily.

 And this was her teacher, Miss Lindberg. She was so great with Lily and she learned so much this year. Now on to first grade!

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