Friday, July 19, 2013

Fathers Day Party

June 15, 2013
Remember the fun Mothers Day Tea Party? Well I had wanted to do something for Dave for Fathers Day, but with no boys of his own I decided to invite all the men in the family for a boys night. Here was the invites

"Come refuel your superdad powers with a "marvel"ous dinner and movie"

The plan was to have dinner then watch the Avengers, thus the Avengers theme. Things went a little differently, but more on that in a minute. 

"Marvel"ous Pizza 

 Thor Hammers 

Black Widow Cookies 

 Hulk Juice and Captain America Popcorn (If I had more time I wanted to do flavored popcorn red white and blue) 

Hawkeye Wings

 Iron Man licorice (I know this one is not the best)
For take home gifts an Avenger Cup filled with Candy 

Those that came included Larry, Joe, Matt, and Dave. They decided to go see the new Superman movie instead of watching the movie here. I didn't mind to much because the whole point was a boys night out, but I would not have done as much food! I assumed they would be eating/grazing thru the night. All and all Dave seemed to enjoy himself and I am glad I could do something special for him for Fathers Day. 

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