Saturday, June 1, 2013

McDonalds After Recital and Costco

May 18, 2013
After dance recitals its always been a tradition to go get ice cream afterward. It was lunch time so we decided to go to McDonalds to eat too. To leave the crowds around the recital area we headed to Sandy because we had errands to do around there. Turns out that Jeanette Herbert, Governor Herbert's wife was there giving out books for a kick off to reading summer program by the Governor. The girls got free balloons, books, and a picture with Jeanette Herbert and Ronald McDonald. They loved it and I thought it was so cool they got to meet her! 

 The people of the event asked if we could do a picture with Papa reading to the girls and post it on there twitter account. The title was, "Its a grand thing to read." The other girls had run off to play, but we got some with Kylie. She was so sweet to Papa and Papa lit up as he sat reading to her. I love this picture!! 

Later that day we headed to Costco for some errands. On the way in Lily asked if we could have those things they give out...I responded, "Oh the samples? Sure." A little while later she saw one and said, "look an example." She called them "examples" the rest of the time and neither Dave nor I could correct her. It was really cute and I am glad that my little girl still is little even though most times she seems or wants to be big! 

They also got free creamies and Oakley decided she wanted some and just started reaching for Paisleys. Paisley was nice enough to share and it was funny to watch the exchange. Love that she is such a sweet sister and takes care her little sister. 

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