Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Eve

December 24, 2012
Christmas Eve day started by making chocolate chip cookies for Santa. Even Daddy decided to help out! The girls loving getting to cook and having daddy help was an extra treat. The rest of the morning was spent cleaning up and getting ready for Santa to come that night. Then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Tatum's house in a crazy snow storm! 

Due to the crazy storm Troy, Erica, and sweet little Macey were unable to make it. You were missed! After spending the afternoon eating a yummy spread, watching movies, and playing games we opened our new Christmas Pajamas!

Cant believe all these sweet girls are mine! And they are getting so old so fast! I bought these jammies the year before when I was pregnant with Oakley. I remember thinking how far away it seemed to already be buying some.....turns out it was a lot faster then expected!  

 My mom and I both bought snowflake jammies! 

 After more food we headed upstairs for the girls to open there gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. 

 They got cute little wallets, books, and candy.

Dave got a Marvel t-shirt and this little monkey. It matched his U of U jammies! I got an electric can opener and I was beyond excited! Might seem weird, but most of the things on my list our cooking things. As a family we also got a Thanksgiving Point Pass again! We love it! 

Then of course we had to head downstairs for chocolate fondue. The girls were way more into it this year then past years!

 Paisley was a really big fan! 

 Don't be deceived by this picture, she was loving it and was mad that I wanted to take a picture!

Finally it was time to head home. Once we were settled and Oakley put to bed Daddy read the Night Before Christmas, a new tradition we started last year. And put out our cookies and carrots...

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