Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Day

December 25, 2012
So the girls actually slept in to a decent hour (around 7:00). We all snuggled on the bed for a few minutes then kneeled around the bed and said a prayer. This was tradition that my parents always did. I love it because it reminds us to think about our Savior, the reason for Christmas, and gives us a chance to thank Heavenly Father for all we have been blessed with. Then it was time for one quick picture before heading to see what Santa left. 

Kylie and Oakley's Goodies 
(Paisley and Oakley are still awaiting there special Grandma made stockings so these ones are fill ins )

 Paisleys on the couch and mom and dads tucked into the corner, we only do stockings for each other and we love it! 

 Lily's Goodies 

Santa brought each girl there favorite Barbie princess, goodies, candy and books in there stockings. Lily got a Udraw video game and a my little pony set. Kylie got a play dough set and a my little pony set. Paisley got bath time toys and bear that can switch outfits. Oakley got wipes, diapers, and some new bottles. The family gift from Santa was also a knitting loop kit and yarn. 

From us the girls got the tradition gifts we have started giving each year....The family gift is always a board game and a few new movies. The older girls got gift cards that were put on a fish that I had made. It was for them to go choose fish for there fish tank in there room that has been sitting empty. Paisley was given a small play dough set and Oakley a little butterfly plate and container set. 

Then it was time for gifts to each other. This year we created "sister bucks" that we started in November. The girls were give fake dollars in jars as they were nice to each other, helped each other, and did extra chores. The rule with the money they got: everything they earned had to be put towards gifts to there sisters. The last few days before we went shopping Lily must have done 8-10 chores to get more money to spend on her sisters! It was really sweet. They had a blast finding the perfect gift and were even more excited to give them on Christmas morning. My efforts in trying to teach giving instead of getting paid off! 

Grandma and Grandpa Tatum came out to stay the night. Since they had no one at there house they joined us for our Christmas morning. They arrived a little while after we put the kids to bed and loved being with them on Christmas morning!

Gift to mom....Cross stitched Lighthouse

The girls had also made me and Dave a special Christmas gift, it was a box filled with pictures they had colored and made themselves. Dave's were all super heroes and mine were Princesses. Again I was so glad they had been so excited to give instead of get! What sweet little girls they are! 

 Picture of our family, another one from the girls box! 

There was many more great gifts to open and I felt really spoiled as I am sure the girls felt too. After we were done we headed into the kitchen to make a yummy breakfast. We had eggs, cinnamon rolls, bacon, sausage, fruit, juice, and milk. And of course I got to use my china. This is a picture of our yummy food, but I could not get one that wasnt blurry....not sure why??

The rest of the day was spent lounging around in pajamas, playing with new toys, and just enjoying each others company. One of the favorite gifts that we got that we spent most of the vacation playing was Disneyland Adventures Kinect. Its a really fun game and the girls can even play it which is great- THANKS FAIRBANKS! 

Hope you all had a great Christmas Day! 

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