Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Break Activities

October 11-14, 2012
As I started to add pictures to this post I realized I didn't have really any! Guess it was not on my mind this weekend. So sorry for the lack of pictures, but please enjoy the post anyway and hopefully I can get pictures from those that took them soon! 

October 11
Most of the weekend was spent potty training Paisley the second time around! She did much better this time and by the end of the three days was trained! Since then has been a bit of a challenge. She knows when she needs to go, but is a bit lazy about it so she waits to long before telling us then has an accident. Each day is different. Somedays she goes all day without an accident and then next day we have a few or several. It is nice to not have to change diapers anymore and she has mostly been night trained too so we are down to one set of diapers and one set of pull-ups! 

This was taken a week after she learned. 

She was trying to teach her baby to go in the potty! To funny not to get a picture of!

October 11
The first morning of Fall Break we were woken by kids coming into our room. I started getting ready to hear "can we have breakfast?" when instead I heard what sounded like a bowl and a spoon. I then asked without opening my eyes, "did you guys get your own breakfast?" They said, "no, we brought you breakfast." I opened my eyes to see one girl holding a bowl of cereal and another a glass of water. We had run out of milk the night before so they explained they had to get us this instead. A few minutes later they brought Dave in a bowl. Sweetest girls ever! 

October 13
Witches Night Out
This year we had Emily and Jenni in town so I invited all Collier side of the family girls to come with me, mom, and Aunt Jolene. We ended up with Gammie, Jenni, Audrey, Emily, Jolene, Me, and Mom. We ate at Archibald's then had some fun walking around. We did get some pictures, but I still need to get them from everyone! It was a great night as always and I got a cute new halloween decoration. One  thing I realized is that I need to add more to my costume. It was a little lacking this year, so hopefully it will be better next year! 

October 14
Two baby blessings in one day! As mentioned in previous posts we had a new niece and a new nephew born within a couple of weeks of each other. Emily and Jenni planned to come into town for Audrey and Matts baby blessing so Mike and Dez decided to make it easy on everyone and do it the same day. We started at Mike and Dez ward for Aidens blessing at 9:00am. Once finished we headed to Audrey and Matts place for a brunch. They were nice enough to plan it before there church so that we didn't have to  go home for a few hours then come back. The food was super yummy! Then we headed to there ward for the blessing of little Adalyn. We did not stay for the whole thing. The kids got restless very quickly so after the blessing we headed for home. It was a great day with two beautiful blessings! 

Fall Break was not nearly long enough, but nice to have Dave home. Hopefully next year we can go somewhere fun! 

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