Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 4

July 4, 2015
Didn't end up with a lot of pictures from the 4th of July, but we had a great day! We headed to Gammie and Potts for swimming and a picnic with family. After lunch we headed to my Grandmas and were able to see Nancy and Greg and there new car. Dave got to ride in it and loved it! That afternoon we head to my Aunt Jolene's for our last BBQ on the fourth. She will be moving next year. After spending time at the house we headed to the fireworks at Sugar house. We had a first in the time I could poured rain! Luckily some nice people next to us were parked close and ran for there cars kindly leaving us a large umbrellas to shield us form the rain. It only rained for about 20 minutes and cooled down the temperature. The rest of the night was great and all the kids loved the fireworks- even Tate! 

 My mom got some pictures of us siting in the rain, but we did get these cute pictures of my cousins daughter and Tate playing. Felt a little weird thinking that my cousin Adam and I began playing on the fourth at these ages and all these years later now our kids are! 

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Emily Fairbank said...

You are welcome to steal some of my pictures off of facebook for the 4th. I got a few from the fireworks.