Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Husband Update

May 20, 2015
Dave always gets to go to Lagoon with his students. A few weeks before he got to go to Lagoon with Lily for the first time. SHE WENT ON EVERYTHING. We don't have any pictures because he didn't take his phone, but they had a blast. 

This was him with his teacher friends at Lagoon. Glad he has this out as Lagoon is not my idea of a fun day! 

This was in the yearbook. 

 May 26, 2015
We opened the door to find this....
There were 26 things spread out! My husband is a pretty awesome teacher to inspire that! 

May 28, 2015
And of course the graduation party at Boondocks. This was our 2am selfie after we got enough tickets to get our girls the My Little Pony Life game. Everyone pulled together and it was awesome! Love the faculty at AF and the students :) 

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