Monday, April 13, 2015

New House

March 6, 2015
We moved into our new home the beginning of the month. We finally feel settled and are trying to get into better routines. Hopefully we will get the yard done soon, but until then were just enjoying the inside as much as possible. Please forgive my slightly mess house--if I waited for a clean house I might not ever get pictures :)

The front

 As you walk in you can go down the hall, down the stairs, or into the living room/kitchen

 Master bedroom

 Master bathroom

 Living room/ kitchen area 

 Downstairs living area 

 Down that hallway are the kids bedrooms, office, storage, and bathroom

 And my favorite part of the house-this is the view from my nursery which means as I am feeding Tate I can look out and see the Temple. This is a really bad picture of it and looks much closer in person, but if you see the bright light in the background, thats the temple. Loving living in its shadow! 

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