Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines Day

February 14, 2015
We didn't do much for Valentines this year (not that we ever do), but this one was more mellow then most. I ended up with strep last week and Dave followed with a sinus infection. Luckily the kids all just got small colds and were over them quickly. For valentines day we did our annual heart shaped lunch and I gave the girls there little valentines. That night I got to go with my mom to see Swan Lake and it was AMAZING! We are looking forward to our annual Sweetheart Day with Daves family in a few weeks though!

For school valentines this year the girls picked some great ones and I loved working on them with them, sick and all. 

Kylies- heart shaped bookmarks

Paisleys- bubble gum holders (though we couldn't find bubble gum)

And Lilys we didn't get a picture of for some reason. They were cute little bags with starburst jelly beans that had a sign reading, "hope you valentines is bursting with happiness."

On another note Lily had her first valentine this year. She went up and asked a boy at the end of January and he said no. She then asked another one and he said yes. So they hung out every day until valentines day and Lily used her own money to get him this....
To bad he didn't get her anything :( Though I did warn her that might happen. She didn't seem to care, she was just happy to share the love with someone! So cute! 


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