Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tate Update

This little guys is coming up on 6 months and I can't believe it! Its gone by so fast! He is a very sweet, mellow addition to the family and is just as happy as can be. Here are a few things going on with him.

 About 3 1/2 months he started rolling. We still could keep him on the blanket, but then he started doing this a few weeks ago. We would twirl himself around it until he was stuck then I would unwind him and he would just laugh and laugh! 

 He is officially on the move. Although he is not fully crawling he can get himself wherever he wants to go. He does this army scoot, fly forward thing. He never sits still anymore....

 Started him on solids this last week, because this kid is an eater! We needed something to help get this kid through then night because my milk just wasn't cutting it anymore. He loved it and had no problems eating a lot of it right away. 

 He is starting to sit. This is a bad picture of it, but he pushes himself all the way up by himself. He doesn't stay that way long though! 

Love this little guy and can't wait to see how he is doing at his six month check up this week! 

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