Wednesday, December 3, 2014


October 17, 2014
This year to pick pumpkins we headed to Petersen Farms to head out into the field. It was such a blast and very revealing of each of our kids personalities. Here are a few of the fun things we did....

 Oakley picked up the first pumpkin she saw and was good

Paisley kept finding some and adding more not sure which to choose

 Lily wanted the biggest pumpkin she could find, but the rule was you had to get it into the cart
Dad was a softy and helped a little bit.

And a moment or two of pause to get the strength back

 She finally made it with her determination 

 Then the kids played in the haystacks except Kylie...

 Who was searching back and forth thru the rows looking for that perfect pumpkin. She had to find the right one and when she finally did she was prouder then she could be.

 Then we played in the corn box

 Tate also got his very own pumpkin

 The next day we were able to carve/paint our pumpkins outside because it was so warm

We didn't end up getting pictures of all the pumpkins, but most of them fell apart due to the pattern we tried or they didn't get finished. It still was a lot of fun! 

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