Wednesday, December 31, 2014


December 20, 2014
We got to take the older girls to the Nutcracker and they loved it. We went to dinner at the Olive Garden then headed across the street for the show. While at the Olive Garden Kylie misplaced her purse and money she had brought to buy something with at the Nutcracker. She was so upset and we asked the front desk and they hadn't had anyone turn it in. While Grandma searched Lily suddenly said, "Do you want to say a prayer Kylie?" She asked me to say it so in the middle of Olive Garden the three of us bowed our heads and said a prayer that we could find it. After it was finished Kylie said, "mom how can Heavenly Father help us find a purse if he's not here?" I respond, "he will have someone turn it in or Grandma will know where to look for it." At the same time Grandma had a feeling to ask a particular waiter. It so happens he had put it into the back and went to get it for her. Right as I finished telling Kylie Grandma came back to the table with it. What an incredible faith building experience. It brought me to tears.

The ballet was great as usual and the snow dance was by fair the best this time. Love going to the ballet as it makes it feel like Christmas time :) 

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