Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Failed Camping Trip

August 8-9, 2014
The girls had wanted to go camping at least once during the summer. We had gotten a new tent, camping chairs, and a new air mattress for a really good deal and wanted to head out for a night to test them out. We had orginially planned to go on a Tuesday night and when I checked out the camp site there were several "walk up" campsites. We ended up going on a weekend.....you will see the problem shortly. 

We headed to Walmart for a few things and by 3:30 were headed up the American Fork Canyon. We searched and drove and searched and drove and ended up on a bumpy road for almost an hour. We had Paisley throw up twice from getting car sick and ended up having a few needing to pee on the side of the road. Needless to saw we ended up back at our house at 7:30 after a four hour drive through the Canyon and paying six dollars because we thought we would be camping. 

So what do we do now? We camp in the back yard. Luckily our neighbors had a moveable fire pit that they let us borrow and we still did all the cooking outside. We started with hot dogs and chips because we were starving....

 Then time to set up the tent...

 Its pretty easy to set up, once you do once! Lily gave some assistance...

 We do love the new tent! 

The girls played cards while we set everything up..

 That night we had a fire and did smores.

That night we left the top off the tent to see the stars. Off in the distance we saw lighting, Dave looked it up and the storm was supposed to stay over the mountains. We thought we would be safe. Around 11pm we felt rain. So we hopped out and attempted to get the top on. By the time it was on the downpour was finished and we had left our sleeping bag open and it was soaked. We still stayed outside with the kids.

The next morning we had cinnamon rolls in the dutch oven and sausage. It was really good! 

It was definitely interesting camping trip. We laughed and got frustrated, but learned a lot. First, in Utah always reserve your camp site. Second, know how to put your new tent up before you go and always put the top on! Third, realize that your kids will always have fun even if you are camping in the back yard! :) 

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Milana said...

Oh goodness...note to self, do not read Katie's blog when home sick...tears will come! Miss you guys so much! You are all so adorable! You are such a great mom Katie...seriously, your family is so lucky to have you! Love you all so much!