Sunday, June 15, 2014

Faces of Dave

At Christmas time Dave's school, American Fork High School, was trying to raise money for charity. Dave called and asked if he could offer to not shave for the rest of the year if they raised the money to get to 20,000. At the time he was under the impression they still had 5,000 to go so I agreed. Turns out they needed a mere 650 dollars. Once Dave offered what he did they raised that 650 in 30 minutes. So for the last few months we have had the different faces of Dave in our house. I tried to take a picture once a month, but that didn't always"ll get the point anyway :) 

December 22 

February 25 

 April 20
Around this point we were asked to speak in church. Dave leads the music each week, but not many knew what he was doing (the bishop did know). He stood up and at the beginning of the talk said, "I am the bum that leads the music each Sunday." He then told why he was doing it and became a hero in the ward (at least to the men!!) 

 April 22

 April 30
Dave lost a race (and bet) at another assembly with another teacher. The punishment was that he had to shave his hair, but not the beard. The hair was starting to get to him so I think he actually lost the race, but we won't tell anyone :) Jared, Daves friend, was coming over that same night so Dave decided to have some fun with the hair as it came off.



Stage One

Stage Two 

Stage Three

And Totally Bald 

May 23
This was the day Dave finally got to take the beard off. They have a Renaissance assembly ever year and the teachers dance at it. Dave hadn't done his back flip the last few years, but decided to do it this year so we came to watch. He did a great job!

 During lunch they asked him to shave his beard at the tailgate party outside. 

 A few students got there chance to take it off 

 And each of the kids took a turn. They actually sad to see it go. I think our girls may grow up to like men with beards due to this! 

 Half way there...

 Paisley called this "monster" dad. She didn't like how patchy it was. 

 AND HES BACK!! He had go to the bathroom to finish shaving while we headed back to his classroom. When he walked in I almost cried! So glad to have my clean shaven husband back! 

Although this was an interesting experience it was fun and taught Lily a very important lesson. Two other teachers were supposed to do the same thing and they both shaved a month or two in. Lily learned that her dad follows through with what he says and also helped encourage him to keep going. Glad its over and hope he won't be doing it again anytime soon! 

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Milana said...

That is AWESOME!!! I love all of the pictures!!!! Way to go Dave (and Katie for having to kiss that hairy face!).