Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Paisleys Rash

May 12, 2014
By Sunday night we were all feeling better and I was so happy. We had gone threw the ringer the past three weeks. It started with all of us getting colds that lasted several days, then Paisleys turned into a double ear infection, then Oakley started having the flu like problems and it spread to the rest of the family. I wanted to so badly for us to feel better and was happy that Monday morning we could start that way. Then Paisley came up like this:

We ran her to the instacare fearing it was measles. Turns out it was a really bad allergic reaction to something. We still have yet to figure it out. The kids didn't play with anything different and she hadn't worn anything new. It really is still a complete mystery and sort of frustrating to me. We ended up giving her bendyral for a few days and she got better. We have all felt better for week now and hoping it will stay that way now that its warming up. So hard with sick kids :(

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