Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lily Cooking

January 14, 2014
At the beginning of the year we decided to try something new concerning chores. We wrote down a list of all the chores that needed to be done to run the house. That included things we do like the budgeting and plan meals. We sat down as a family and choose what each person would like to do. To my surprise Lily asked to do her own laundry, wanted to cook and prepare a meal each week, and a lot of other things (Dave also surprised me by wanting to switch from bathrooms to doing the kitchen-its been so great). And since she choose the chores she has been much better about them. Her first meal of choice: French Toast and Eggs. She broke the eggs herself and although she had a little help did a great job! So proud of my little girl growing into such a big helper.  

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