Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tough Choices and Saturday Morning Dance Show

September 7, 2013
Once everyone had started school and we were back into everything we found we were a little over worked. Lily basically had something everyday and she never had time to play and be a kid. We realized that we had to do something so we had time to be a family. So with that in mind we sat down and talked with Lily about what she wanted to do most. We ended up cutting out dance and piano. Although she wasn't happy about it at the time since then she has found its nicer to only focus on gymnastics. We also changed Kylie's dance class to the same time as one I was teaching. Although it was tough we have been a lot happier with the extra time we have had as a family. 

This was one of those moments that allowed for a kid free family fun time. The girls decided to have a dance recital in our living room. They spent the morning planning out the dances and getting the costumes and makeup ready. Then they put on a great show for us. It was so fun to watch and I loved that we had no where to go to next and could just enjoy our fun Saturday morning together. 

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