Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Paisley Stitches

September 16, 2013
Paisley is my accident prone kid! First she ran into a pole at Dave's school giving herself a black eye. 

A few weeks later she decide to play around during lunch instead of eating lunch. I got fed up and took her lunch away and said it was time for quiet time. She ran away screaming because she didn't want to go. She ran into the living room and I walked after her. She then jumped off the couch right into the piano. I had some stuff in my hand so I went to put it down while she cried (and in my head I thought serves your right for running away and getting hurt- bad mom moment :( ) I went back to her and found blood gushing out of her head. I freaked out momentarly before mom mode kicked in. We headed to the instacare after I got her head all wrapped up. Three stitches later and she did get out of quiet time, though she hasn't run away from me since! Guess she learned her lesson! 

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