Friday, November 8, 2013

Cute Oakley and Witches Night Out

October 26, 2013
Dave had to proctor the ACT early on Saturday so to make him feel better I sent him this.....
Isn't she so sticking cute? I love that little face!! 

 That night was witches night out. Each year I have added to my costume...still a little more to go, but I am happy with out its coming together. 

 Paisley is being a witch for halloween so when she saw me all dressed up she wanted to put her hat on. She was sad she didn't get to come, but maybe someday!!!

Witches Night Out was a blast! I love getting to hang out with my aunts and mom. We always have such a great time! The food was yummy and the night was not too cold. We loved getting to walk around, shop, and eat some yummy food!! When I get the other pictures from my mom I will post them! Thanks again for a fun night! 

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