Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bedroom Changes and Growing Up

October 11, 2013
Lily recently asked to have her own room. Even though we have all girls I always said that being the oldest Lily should get her own room. So we decided to do a two week trial run. We moved Lily upstairs to Paisleys room and Paisley down with Kylie. We had to move Kylie to the top bunk and Paisley got the bottom. I assumed Lily would miss Kylie and want to go back, but after the two weeks were up she was happy to stay in her own room. Kylie and Paisley aren't really thrilled about it, but I think it will be good for her to learn to share. So we will be making it official. Just not sure what we will do if we have anymore kids, but for right now it works. 

Along with that Lily also started asking about fairies and if they were really. Grandma Tatum had always done parties for the Tinkerbell movies came out and gave them fairy dust last time. We always let her believe in what she wanted and when every she asked if it were real we would say, "what do you think?" Two days after she moved into her room asked us on the way home. We tried to push her off with the usually question and she wouldn't take it this time. We were driving home with the other kids in the car so I told her we would talk about it at home. Short version after asking her why she wanted to know she mentioned that since she moved into the new room they hadn't come to visit. Her eyes pleaded for the truth so I told, no they aren't real. She cried for an hour and insisted on talking to Grandma Tatum. After Grandma Tatum tried to convince her and change the subject she too had to give in too. After a hard night and feeling like the worst mom ever the morning came. And then came the logically mind of Lily's. After seeing if she was okay she asked if fairies aren't real then what about the tooth fairy and then came all other fairy characters including Santa. She handled it better then I expected, but honestly this all came out of left field and I never thought she would be this young. Cant believe how logical she is and how grown up she is getting. Another new chapter in this crazy thing called parenthood!!   

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