Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Graduation Party

May 30, 2013
Every year Dave and I help chaperone the graduation party at Boondooks. We get free food, laser tag, mini golf, go karts, 3D video rides, and 20 tokens for the arcade. Its from 10pm-2am so we fill up on lots of Dr. Pepper to keep us awake. Its always a lot of fun and we have a group of people we always go with that makes it great. Dave also collects peoples tickets and uses them to get stuff for the kids. This year we came home with a tick tac toe game, a new lava lamp for the kids room since theirs broke, a yellow lava lamp for Dave's classroom, tootsie rolls for me, a Utah flag, and gave the rest to our friend to get two nerf guns for her sons. Oh and the best part we also get paid!!! Not a bad life :) 

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