Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fourth of July

July 4, 2013
Headed to my Aunts house for BBQ then to the Sugarhouse fireworks. They kids had a blast playing with there second cousins and enjoying the fireworks. It always nice to visit with extended family since this is the one time of year we always see them. 

At the park Paisley and Kylie spent a good ten minutes laughing and wrestling each other to the ground.

 Lily's front tooth was super loose and was basically hanging by a thread and bleeding at the fireworks. Lily was scared for it to come out and would let anyone touch it. Dave told her that if she lost it on the fourth maybe the tooth fairy would bring fireworks. Still she was hesitate. Finally as it go later she let Dave pull it out. That night (after stopping by the store at midnight on the way home from fireworks!!) she received a small package of firework and a dollar. 

 Oakley stayed up (despite our attempts to get her to sleep) to see the fireworks. She was good sometimes and grumpy at others. She is really bad at going to sleep if its not in her crib or pack and play. She did enjoy the fireworks though! 


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