Monday, May 27, 2013

Lessons Learned

April 20, 2012
Lily came up to me one day and said, "mom I want to learn how to ride my bike now." We gave her a bike on her fourth birthday and although we have had years of trying she never would do it. I had finally given up and last summer gave her a scooter. So when I asked I was really confused, but said okay. We went out the following Saturday and the first thing she said was mom just let me try it on my own. After a few attempts trying to balance the bike she said, "okay I need help." Once on it took a few runs and she was one her own. The first time I tried to teach her I must have run back and forth for forty minutes with no results. Her wanting to do it made it much easier. Within an hour she learned to ride on her own, turn around on others drive ways, go fast, and balance to take off on her own.

For days later she continued to want to be outside on her bike and told me later after she learned, "mom riding my bike is so much more fun then my scooter." She even gave her scooter to Kylie. A few days after riding her bike she finally had a large fall. Large enough to cause scraps, bleeding, and pain. I bandaged her all up, gave hugs and kissed, and set her back out to ride. She didn't want too and I worried because falling off and getting back on is a life lesson that must be learned one way or another. I told her okay and she went back out to play. Ten minutes later I looked out the window to see the bike laying in the same place she had fallen. Again I worried, but was pleasantly surprised. Another ten minutes later I again looked out the window, but this time Lily was on her bike. Hard life lessoned number one learned :) 

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