Sunday, February 17, 2013

January Happenings

January for us was pretty much getting back into the routine of normal life after a long break with dad home. Not much happened so that is why its all in one post. 

First off is this little bear. This is Kylie's knitted bear from Gammie. About a year ago it went missing. I figured it was somewhere in the basement and when we went to clean the basement out to be worked on we would find it. Once the basement was cleaned out we still did not have a bear. I was so upset over this. I hate losing things and Kylie was sad that she did not have her bear. After not finding it in the basement we searched everywhere in the house and even started looking at Gammies and Grandmas house thinking that maybe one of the times the girls had spent the night it had been left behind, but nothing came from our search. Then at the end of December over the break (an earlier post) the girls asked to play outside in the snow. As we got the snowsuits on we felt something large in one of the legs. It was Kylies bear! Still not sure how it ended up in one of the snow suit pant legs, but we are so happy to have this little bear back!!

We took the tree down the day before New Years. Usually we do it on New Years Eve Day, but I liked how we did it this year because we cleaned the whole house and were able to start the new year great. Right after the tree went down the stairs the gate went up. We had been blocking Oakley into the family room for awhile now. This allowed her to roam free and she loves it! She is still not really crawling more army crawling, but that kid can move just as quick as any crawler! The gate gets a little annoying sometimes, but it is easier then having to block her in and this way she can explore a little more and is happy. 

January 12 we chaperoned the Hero Dance at the school. We don't have any pictures and we do chaperon a lot of dances so I don't tend to mention them, but this one was worth mentioning. It was a guys choice date dance and a group of guys came in wearing shirts that said, "mommas boy" and there dates were THEIR MOMS!!! They even said they asked them in cute ways like they do to other girls. They took them out for dinner and paid for everything. Made me wish I had a little boy (and that he would grow up as good as these boys!) Those moms must be doing something right! 

Oakley finally has started to sit up good enough to sit in the bathtub. She struggled with sitting up for a long time because of her want to move and crawl. This was the first time she had a bath with Paisley and they had a blast with each other. Paisley has been alone for awhile since Lily showers on her own and Kylie has started with assisted showers. I think Paisley was happy to have a bath buddy back and it was nice to let them play for awhile together. 

We took the two older girls to the first U of U gymnastics meet of the year on January 19. Lily loves going and since our pass of all passes gets us all in for free we thought it would be a fun to do it as a family. Grandma was kind enough to watch the little ones so we could enjoy the time and be able to watch the meet. It was four teams including SUU so it was fun to watch all that was going on. We got there early enough to get faces painted, tattoos on there hands, balloons (which popped before we left and caused quite the crying from the girls! wont be doing those again!), and a spinning wheel with prizes. We also got them posters and cards of the gymnasts that Lily loves! U of U won and of course Lily spent the whole night saying, "I want to do that!" It was a lot of fun. 

My sweet little Oakley fell asleep in her chair while I was getting the other girls ready for church. It always amazes me that babies can fall asleep sitting straight up! And it is always so cute :) 

Lastly, we FINALLY (we have had it for like two years in the basement) used our popcorn machine. For family home evening we played rock band and and had homemade popcorn. It was a lot of fun and the girls loved watching the popcorn fill up. I tried to add some butter to the bowl, but I over did it a little and it was quite buttery. Guess I will have to practice to get the perfect amount of butter, but it was a lot of fun!  

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