Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Point Lights and Reindeer

December 20, 2012
A tradition we started a few years ago was going to see the reindeer and lights at Thanksgiving Point. When the girls asked which reindeer these were Dave told them they were Donner and Blizten. Lily then asked where the rest of them were and Dave told her off in other places so other kids could enjoy seeing them too. She decided that was alright, but wished that Rudolph (her favorite reindeer) could have been there to see. 

 Oakley was as happy as could be snuggled up against me keeping warm

 We then headed to the lights. They are the kind you drive through which nice because you don't get cold. Paisley got to sit with Dad

 And Lily and Kylie with mom

 A choir of snowmen 

 A cool ice sculpture

After we headed home were we have hot chocolate. Its become a fun tradition and the girls love seeing the lights and reindeer. 

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