Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween Activities

October 27, 2012
Halloween sort of snuck up on me this year which meant that I didn't really plan our Halloween activities very well. We ended up having one big fun day instead of things through out the month. So here is how our Saturday before Halloween looked:

SPOOKY MUSEUM DAYS: Super Hero Themed 

Galaxy Shooting Practice 

Making X-ray Goggles 

 Make a Super Hero

Super Hero Mask Making

Happy Baby :)


Face Painting

 As members are kids can get unlimited pony rides which is great because they love them! Paisley FINALLY went on one by herself! 

 Spooky Bowling 

 Throwing Game 

 Attempt at a picture of all four of them....see Oakley down there are the bottom??

Wagon Ride

Obstacle Course

Ring Toss

There were 100 pumpkins. These were some of our favorites and some we took for others! We also got a Krispy Kreme donut for dressing up.

For you Tyler :) 

 For you Tyler

For you Grandma Tatum

It was a fun but tiring day. Needless to say the girls all fell asleep on the way home from the last activity. 

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