Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Oakley Update

So I haven't done an update on Oakley in while so I thought I would post some pictures I got from Potts as well as give you an update on how she is doing......

Two Week Old Pictures 

 Baby Blessing 

Two Month Old Stats:
Weight- 10lbs 2oz (18%)
Height- 22 inches (29%)
Head- 39.3 cm (71%)

 Three Months Old

Rolled over officially both ways Sept. 17, 2012, three days shy of 4 months.

Four Month Stats:
Weight- 14lbs 2oz. (42%)
Height- 25.8 inches (88%)
Head- 41.8 cm (76 %)

Thats right folks we finally created an average size baby! She is our very good eater and we can't get enough of those cubby little cheeks! 

She is quickly approaching six months and I cant believe it! She is full of smiles for family, friends, pretty much anyone that looks her way! She loves her sisters and has even gotten used to being malled by them. She rolls to get to where she wants and has started to pull her feet under her to start crawling. She doesn't quite laugh all the way because she doesn't let it out, but we are working on it. She is different in every way from her sisters from eating to sleeping patterns to temperament. She loves being held, touched, and cuddled. She also has started to grab at everything and loves getting ahold of water if you have some! We plan on started her on solids soon and we are guessing she will love it! She has quite the grip as well and can give some pretty painful pinches if you are not careful! We love this little one and feel like she has always been in the family! 

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