Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Basement

I am pretty I sure I mentioned that our basement was being finished this summer. Here is the finished pictures along the way for those that have not seen it. We absolutely love having the extra space and the coolness in the summer down there has awesome! Hope you enjoy what we went thru this summer and the finished product tour! 

All cleared out and ready to go....The soon to be Family Room

Soon to Be Bedrooms 

Soon to be bathroom

And laundry/ storage room

Framing...only got one picture for some reason?


View of girls bedroom

Down the hallway

Guest bedroom




and the tour....

As you walk down the stairs this is what you see. We got rid of the door so it would open to a large space.

Walk around the corner to the large family room. 

These toys are off to the right side of the picture above.

Down the hallway to bedrooms 

 You hit the bathroom first, off to the left of the picture above in the middle of that small hallway 

 Small area/ hallway going to laundry room and girls rooms, there is also a closet the the right under the stairs. 

Girls room

Laundry Room

Storage Room 

Back down long hallway to other bedroom and office

 Guest Bedroom 

 and Office (a favorite new area of the house!!)

 So there you have it! You should come and see it for yourself as it looks way better then in pictures! We even have a room for you to stay in! Hope to see you all soon! 

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Phil and Alicia Hall said...

Looks great!! I'm sure you're glad to finally have it finished :)