Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fourth Of July

July 4, 2012
We enjoyed our annual BBQ at my Aunt Jolene's house before heading to the fireworks at Sugar House park. Here are some pictures of the fun we had.

Anislee (my niece) loved holding Oakley and snuggled with me for a long time! I loved it! 

 She favored Dave a little more though! 

 My Aunt got the kids those cute necklaces that lit up

 The kids malled Uncle Steve and loved rough housing with him

 And of course got to hang out with Grandma and drink her water! 
The show was great and the kids all loved it this year. The two older ones are getting to the point were they actually watch the whole show. Paisley did pretty good, she just moved a few times! Happy Fourth! 

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